Date Palm Jaggery 1.75 Kg Block

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Date Palm Jaggery or Khajoor Gud or Patali Gur is an uncertified organic jaggery that comes mainly from the small scale industries of Chapai Nababganj, Bangladesh. Date Palm Jaggery is made from the early morning sap of the Date Palm trees. The nutritious sap of the date trees is collected from the jungles, heated and served right to you in sealed jars.  Date Palm Jaggery is liquid in form as it is completely natural- no preservatives or chemicals are added to it during processing! The color varies from brown to golden yellow and it may vary in concentration.

How to Use?
Date Palm Jaggery is an excellent sweetener and a healthy substitute to sugar and has been used traditionally in the states of Bangladesh and West Bengal. It can be added to milk and used in dishes like Rice Puddings/kheer. It can also be consumed after mixing with other ingredeients such as peanuts, condensed milk, coconut, sweets, chocolates, mishti doi etc. Once the taste for this date jaggery develops, you will tend to incorporate it more and more in your meals for a healthier lifestyle.

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